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Tax and Trade Optimization


Tier 2 Infrastructure



Our more complete Tier 2+ platform and logistics infrastructure provides better indirect tax optimization. This infrastructure replaces the costly error prone manual method and ultimately will decrease absolute costs and positively impact revenue and cash flow. 

A complete Tier 2+ infrastructure will eliminate our customer's exposure to tax audits, regulatory non compliance, and litigation. 

Managing and maintaining data, will help to drive better tax decisions. Having up to date,  local, tax content will create a clear audit trail. An audit trail ensuring tax, trade and regulatory compliance. You will avoid costly, non-transparent, decisions regarding materials and logistics.
The implementation of measurement and monitoring of new KPI's will improve your company decision making process, and align the tax and trade function with the overall corporate objective.

Companies devote scarce critical resources to regulatory compliance. Along with trade and foreign regulations, they must  be concerned with their own overall financial reporting. Usually with very little data. A more complete structure will create data points that will show an almost immediate ROI, while creating a data driven improvement process. 

Image by Markus Spiske
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